Day[9] Daily #704 - Life vs Impact


In these DreamHack Bucharest Grand Final replays, we get the chance to see ST_Life do some amazingly sexy builds to crush Impact in a best of 5.  We'll see

  • An extremely aggressive opening on Habitation Station to rush for the gold base
  • A mass queen opening to protect his wide open natural entrance on Merry go Round
  • An aggressive fast 3base strategy on Frost with a narrow defense!

These games are taking from this replay pack.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • You said in game 1 that Life is still doing an economic build, even though it doesn't seem like that. So is there any non-eco build in zvz?
  • It seemed like a lot of Life's success is based off his incredible control, how can I pull off this style without the great control Life has?
  • Why can't Nydus worm be more effective?