Day[9] Daily #710 - Harstem vs Jjajki - EUROPE HOLDS


Today's daily will be a clinic on how to perform excellent, long term focused PvT from Harstem.  He practiced hundreds of ONLY PvT games in preparation for his WCS Group, and boy do them results pay off.  We'll look at

  • The low-risk, low aggression opening Harstem uses to set himself up for the mid to late game
  • The "danger period" that Harstem is battling to survive at around 12-15 minutes
  • How Harstem maximizes the value of his counter attacks and proxy plays by being patient
  • The "retreat focused" attacks that allow Harstem more opportunities to expand

These are some of the purtiest PvTs I've ever seen :)

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What do you think about adding some Tempest in Harstem army? Is it viable with the "retreat strategy" style he used with addition of canons?
  • I really liked the way Harstem would avoid attacking with his main army, and instead use it to bait the army and counter attack. I could see it's usefulness as a Protoss with warp in capabilities, and even with Terran with medivacs and boost. Are there any principles I should be looking at as a zerg player that I can learn from Harstem's hyper-efficient style, without being completely mowed down or forced into a base trade every time?
  • How would you modify this retreat strategy against a turtle terran?