Day[9] Daily #715 - Flash vs Bbyong


In TotalBiscuit's amazing SanDisk ShoutCraft Invitational, FlaSh put up an astounding performance across all matchups to reconfirm his god status in SC2.  In today's daily, we'll take a look at FlaSh's sexy mech moves in TvT to take out Bbyong.  We'll see

  • How brave FlaSh is with an extremely tiny, thin defense by making strong reads on his enemy's moves
  • How FlaSh carefully plods forward in the midgame to continue to avoid taking damage
  • The decisive attacks that allow his beastly mech play to close out games :).

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Is this "Ball" only in TvT?
  • In the last game flash didn't siege tanks to maintain a bit of control vs the hellions. why do you think this is?
  • First, can you give shoutout to my wife Linh? Second: could you pls give examples to differentiate "searching for opportunities" vs "being aggressive" vs "seizing the initiative?
  • How do you know which player has the ball at the start of the game?