Day[9] Daily #716 - FlaSh vs herO


Despite FlaSh's best efforts, herO was able to take an excellent win vs FlaSh by defending multiple SCV pulls back to back to back.  We'll examine how herO executes his defense so consistently by cutting geysers at his 3rd and emphasizing Colossus count, even in the face of many vikings!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Why were Hero's force fields red?
  • Wouldn't Flash just win in game 3 if he attacked instead of trying the bunker contain?
  • Do you believe Flash would have had a better chance if he did not continue to pursue SCV pulls in each consecutive game?
  • In the first game, do you think Hero was at fault for not fully scouting out Flash's hidden base? He was obviously suspicious of it and even had a pylon near the base