Day[9] Daily #722 - PigBaby's PvT Obs/Zealot style


PigBaby blew everyone's mind by going for mass observer/zealot vs terran!  We'll be analyzing this new school mixture by checking out Pigbaby's games vs TaeJa and Bomber!  We'll see

  • How Pigbaby's opening isn't all that different from the usual PvT opening
  • That the double forge is the critical component to the strategy
  • How the zealot usage differs DRASTICALLY from a typical PvT game, we're trying to conserve them!  Not harass!
  • How to properly harass in this style (w/ units like DTs!)

Yahoo!  These games are taken from WCS NA

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What if a terran goes around the map with a raven and viking like in a TvT with banshees to kill off observers?
  • Wouldn't mass hellbat counter the mass zealots?