Day[9] Daily #726 - FLASH vs Zest @ IEM


I was originally planning on talking about Starbow today, but I'm deferring that until I get to TALK ABOUT THESE GAMES.  Flash is one of my all time favorite players due to his persistence AND adaptability, two qualities we generally see NOT work well together!  We'll talk about

  • Persistence with a build - Willingness to do the same build again and again because it's so refined and well timed
  • Adaptability with a build - Willingness to abandon the current build and respond to the enemy

You can see why it's hard to do BOTH well, but Flash nails the shit out of it.  We'll examine his series vs Zest to talk about how he's able to dominate so consistently (although it took him a while lol).


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Q&A With Day[9]

  • In game 5 do you think that the 11 barracks late game play was possible only due to flash's 4 command center early game opening or could he have supported that much production just on a flat 3 base economy.
  • Would you say that the same 2/3rd attack force move out rule would work with Protoss and Zerg or do the mechanics they have change this.
  • Throughout the series, what could zest have done to counter the adjustments Flash was making? You pointed out that Flash seemed dominant throughout the games, but Zest should have had opportunities to take advantage of: what were these, and why didnt zest take them?
  • Do you think Flash's style only works so well in the current meta, where protosses are rushing collossus tech and trying to reach the late game with proper upgrades?