Day[9] Daily #729 - Cure's HYPE AGGRO TvP


Cure impressed the hell out of me at Battlegrounds by slaying Trap 3-0 with some extremely convincing TvP play.  We're going to be analyzing it in full depth, what Trap is doing cutely and why in this 3 part episode!  Yahoo!  We'll talk about

  • The TvP logic of yore - establish the 3rd base, be wary of losing units midgame, get a big army!
  • Cure's TvP logic - Attack endlessly and build more barracks!  Delay the 3rd!
  • The micro and positioning that makes it all possible.

These games are taken from the Red Bull Battlegrounds: DC event.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Q&A With Day[9]

  • You said that they work best against a Terran who is being very aggressive. That said, do you think that this is is the best way to play against a style like Cure's, or is going colossus better, or are both about equally good? Is it possible to scout that a Terran is going for this style before you have to commit to one tech path, or do I just have to choose at the start, and then work with what that give me to deal with super aggressive TvP?
  • Doesn't adding on barrack 4 and 5 before the 3rd CC mean your production costs will now match your two base income? Where did cure get the funds to expand so early in the game on overgrowth, after getting the production?
  • I'm new to Starcraft, and I need a build to practice and get good at so I can actually use it, instead of building random buildings. What do you think is the best build for Terran?