Day[9] Daily #731 - soO vs Innovation


INNOVATION WON A THING!  And soO didn't again... which though tragic did help provide us with a fantastic Bo7 series to learn from.  We'll take a look at how soO was able to take some games from the man himself in the post-widow-mine-buff world as well as see how Innovation structures his play to WIN yeah!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • A recurring theme for this daily was doing damage while staying safe. Is there anytime that doing damage is More important than staying safe?
  • Is it necessary as a Terran to move buildings around in order to get a fast reactor for the Factory, or to switch to a tech lab later? I notice all of the high-level players doing this and as a new Silver player I don't. My APM is quite low and it seems to actually slow me down instead of giving me an advantage, especially when I mess up the placement and have to re-lift.
  • Why was this series so heavily depended on the opening build and the damage done with it instead of how well their builds can adjust to the mid game or late game.
  • Why was it that when Innovation didn't see the third on (Deadwing) and saw the Roach Warren start wiggling that he did not build siege tanks and Opted for widow mines?