Day[9] Daily #733 - Bomber vs Jaedong


Tonight, we're going to look at every game from the very first series in the Ro16, Bomber vs Jaedong!  Both players are known for playing their own style. Bomber uses extremely unorthodox openings and favors an almost pure bio force while Jaedong loves massive numbers of drones, larvae, and counter attacks.  The result was a very unusual and interesting series that was both entertaining and educational!

So let's break't'down yo!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • In a best of x series, sometimes you encounter something you haven't seen before. Do you have any tips on identifying what to scout for in the following game? I ask this in the spirit of "scouting with purpose."
  • You mentioned there is very little late game play for Zerg vs Terran in the map pool right now. It is something I'm struggling terribly with, but I don't want to give in to the 2 base roach all in!
  • In TvZ what are the pros and cons of biomine and biobat when playing against muta/ling/bane. I've been changing between the two styles with mixed results. Been finding biobat is easier to micro without the randomness of the mine, but biomine seems to require less supple to be effective