Day[9] Daily #736 - Life vs Taeja


One of the best TvZ series of the entire year MUST be analyzed!  Life went proxy hatch in 2 of the 5 games!  Successfully!  Whaaaat?  Also, Taeja is an absolute monster at answering and responding under incredible pressure whaaat!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Life was able to to stabilize mid-game by building two gas heavy units; Mutalisks and banelings. I seem to struggle with supporting both of these units at the same time in ZvT. Was life able to afford these units by only allowing Taeja to deny his 4th base repeatedly?
  • I am currently working in a machine shop, is that vibrating noise coming from your side or should I be worried one of my machines is is about to explode?
  • When going for the 1-1 timing like Taeja, is it better to get get barracks 4 & 5 before the ebays?
  • What is your favorite flavor oreos?
  • If you could work with blizzard to implement one thing or change into Legacy of the Void, what would it be? 
  • Is there a BW example of this fun defensive option?