Day[9]'s Hearthstone Decktacular #3 - Koyuki's Control Paladin


The paladin is most notorious for it's beatdown abilities: divine shield, strong buffs, and great weapons make aggro the style of choice.  However, Legend-ranked player Koyuki has developed a different kind of Paladin - One that relies of the oft underexplored brutal lategame of the Paladin!  Cards such as Guardian of Kings, Avenging Wrath, and the Wild Pyromancer make for a brilliant, fun to play, and interesting deck!  Let's take a look at it!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Why didn't you use Elvin Archer's battlecry to break shields?
  • Did you buy all of these packs or did you get them doing quests each day?
  • What would be the best strategy when first starting Hearthstone?
  • Why not add a Blessed Champion into a late game focused deck?
  • Should I craft 2 Avenging Wraths now or save my dust to craft Tirion Fordring and Sylvanas?