DayKnight Festival: Community Day


The Festival is an online gathering where DayKnights meet, play games together, and have fun. Join the DayKnight Discord, say hi, and find players for various games using the !lfg command (looking for game).

Saturday July 21st Stream schedule (all in pacific time):

  • 9am - Hosting: MOARNial pre-show dj set
  • 10am - Heroes of the Storm
  • 3:30pm Dota 2
  • 6pm - Hosting: Joltyawn Singing & Playing Guitar

Sunday July 22nd (not streamed):

  • Attendee guide
  • D&D Signups are now closed.
  • Events 10am - 4pm pacific (1pm - 7pm eastern, 7pm - 1am cest)
    • NOTE: There will be lots of unscheduled pickup games using !lfg as well!
    • Heroes of the Storm
      • Contact Discord: BinaryChaos#6987 // Twitch: BinaryChaosTV
      • Contact Discord: Astromonkey #9320 // Twitch: AstromonkeyTV
    • SC2 - FFA, 4v4, 3v3, Monobattles etc.
      • Contact Discord: Ryan Rideout#5291 // Twitch: Frudgey
      • Limited to 10am - 12pm pacific (1pm - 3pm eastern, 7pm - 9pm cest)
    • Overwatch - Custom/Arcade modes
      • Contact Discord: GethOverlord#4287 // Twitch: GethOverlord
    • Warframe
      • Contact Discord: Harrycan#6709 // Twitch: harrycan
    • Catan in Minecraft
      • Contact Discord: ninmuffin#4697 // Twitch: ninmuffin
    • Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
      • Contact Discord: soundsbyjuno#5468 // Twitch: BlindPrism
      • Limited to 10am - 12pm pacific (1pm - 3pm eastern, 7pm - 9pm cest)
    • Diablo 3 Seasonal Characters - Fresh start, both new characters and higher levels willing to help powerlevel are welcome
      • Contact Discord: LothiasTV#8141 // Twitch: Lothias
    • Jackbox Party
      • Contact Discord: Commodore_Perry#4498 // Twitch: nortonequivalent
    • League of Legends NA or EUW
      • Contact Discord: Tharwania#4453 // Twitch: Tharwania
      • Note: There's an icon for playing a bot game on a team with players lvl15 and under, so it's a great day to learn LoL!