DayKnight Festival Stream Day (Feb 10 Community Day)



The Festival is an online gathering where DayKnights meet, play games together, and have fun. Join the DayKnight Discord say hi and play any of the featured games together.

Stream schedule Feb 9th (all in pacific time):

  • 9am - Hosting: MOARNial pre-show dj set
  • 10am - Overwatch
  • 1pm - PUBG 100 player customs
  • 3:30pm - Dota 2 
  • 6pm - Hosting: Joltyawn Singing & Playing Guitar

Sunday Feb 10th Community Day (not streamed)

MTGA Guild Contructed Tournament 

  • Signup here // Organizer Discord BadWolf#8885
  • 10am start

Artifact Draft Tournament

  • Signup here // Organizer Discord: Philosoraptor#4298
  • 11am Bo1, 6 round Swiss starts

Diablo 3 Season 16 (Cancelled)


  • Organizer Discord: Harrycan#6709

League of Legends

  • Organizer Discord: Tharwania#4453

REGISTRATION CLOSED: Dungeons & Dragons & Pathfinder One Shot Campaigns (~3 hours)

Interested in setting up other activities? DM Eric#3842 on Discord.

Attendee Guide