Disguised Toast and Day[9]TV present - Twitch Metabreakers

With the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, who better to define the new meta than all the people who already know the meta best… Twitch Chat!  At 1pm PST on Wednesday, the Day[9]TV Twitch Chat will fight against DiguisedToast’s Twitch Chat using DisguisedToast’s Twitch Plays Hearthstone program debuted here.  Our Twitch Chats will build 3 decks and control every move to see which chat truly knows the new meta.

Here’s how it’ll work

  • DisguisedToast and I will be playing a Conquest Best of 5 - Build 3 decks, first to 3 wins, can’t win with the same deck twice.
  • Class selection - a simple strawpoll will identify the top 3 class choices
  • Deck construction - viewers will type the full name of a card into chat and, every 20s, the highest voted card will be added to the deck.
  • Playing - viewers have a series of on-screen locations where they can vote for a mouse click. Every half second, the most frequently suggested click location will be clicked.  We are also employing DisguisedToast’s patented “no premature turn end” contingency code.
  • Prize - the winning host will select a very very gross food for the other one to eat on air.  Oh and also the winning host clearly has the smartest, most meta in-tune community on all of Twitch.

Other notes

  • Chats/reddit/the community at large is welcome to try to plan out deck construction and gameplay in advance.
  • Trolls and saboteurs are welcome to ruin those plans.
  • Chat will be OFF sub mode for the duration of the event.  Everyone can participate.  Each host is permitted one “sub-mode-save” game to entrust a single match to the hands of subscribers.  Hosts are not required to sub-mode-save.  It’s also not clear that a sub-mode-save will be beneficial.
  • The VODs and highlights will be uploaded to my and DiguisedToast’s YouTube as soon as we can.
  • Our Twitch’s can be found at (unsurprisingly) www.twitch.tv/day9tv and www.twitch.tv/disguisedtoasths


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