Day[9] Daily #485 - DRG vs MMA - Dealing with Aggressive and Difficult


Often on the ladder, you'll play against something surprising or aggressive (ie 2port banshee, ghost rush etc) that totally catches you off guard. You're unsure whether to counter, expand, build drones, built units etc. This hellish situation is stressful to be in! Especially considering the number of players playing non-standardly!

So, In today's ZvT daily, we examine the art of playing vs an extremely unpredictable Terran player who stretches his edge to the limit. We'll see MMA play like an absolute fruitcake and DRG respond in a smart, but flexible fashion to bash back!

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q&a with day[9]

-Why did he go for 1-0 and not 0-1 for Zerglings?

-In the mid-game, what is the best response for an enormous Terran doom drop on expansions?

-What can a Terran player do in the mid-game in regards to Zerg going multi-Queen?