Day[9] Daily #484 – DRG's ZvP Style


In today's ZvP daily, we explore DRG's style of ZvP that involves almost no roaches! Instead, he relies on mutalisks, banelings, and infestors in the midgame to lead into the usual broodlord infestor mixture :>.

Moreover, we get the chance to watch a ZvP versus LiquidHero from the Zerg's point of view. Traditionally, Hero is known as an absolute beast in the PvZ matchup and generally plays an unorthodox style. So, we'll see how DRG maneuvers around Hero's nuttiness for an overall delightful game!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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q&a with day[9]

-What can a TOSS do if Zerg is playing this in an ultra late game and play so much tower that even drops didn't pay out?

-You said the last 2 days to win at hive tech with Zerg, though if you are laddering, it will take ages to have 10 wins

-In what situations would you not need to build Roaches in ZvP matchups?

-When should I add on my gateways if I'm going for a 6 gate push?

-Do you feel this is better than the stephano style? If so, why?