Gettin in shape thread!

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I'm embarking upon a weight loss journey beginning in March!  I'm going to be posting updates of my weight loss progress as things head onward!  Currently my knee/elbow is really messed up (as you may have seen from my tweets) so I'm hoping they'll be healed fully so I can begin running and weight lifting once my weight is down :).

Do you have any goals?  Wanna join in the fun and have your weight loss accountably posted in this forum?  Lez do it!

STARTING STATS -- March 03, 2014 -- I'm 6'4'' / 235lbs -- 193cm / 106.5kg

GOAL STATS - 190lbs / 86kg

  • March 03 - 235lbs - 106.5kg
  • March 05 - 232.5lbs - 105.4kg
  • March 06 - 232.4lbs - 105.3kg
  • March 07 - 234.5lbs - 106.3kg (A cruel upward tick.  Fluctuations are normal though!  Gonna show the trend yo! :D)
  • March 08 - 230.8lbs - 104.7kg (CHEAT DAY!  Going to pack my body to capacity)
  • March 09 to 17 - Away from the scale!  I'm back in LA!  Can't wait to see if I've lost weight when I weigh in on Mar 7! :D
  • March 17 - 229.4lbs - 104.0kg (First weigh in under 230 in a long time!)
  • March 18 - 228.5lbs - 103.6kg
  • March 22 - 225.6lbs - 102.3kg
  • April 1 - 227.0lbs - 103kg

One Month Report - Dammit!  I was losing weight at a nice and rapid clip, but then everything got thrown off kilter around GDC time.  Although I was sticking to my healthy foods diet "in principle," I pulled two all nighter-ish stints around GDC week, messing up my sleep and eating schedule for a few days (my shows were bad during that week too lol).  I could physically feel how off I felt and it seems the weight loss correspondingly slowed as well (graaagh).  Gonna keep it up and try to get under 200 by June!  In good news, my doctor said it's ok to start exercising again! (joint problems :P).  My plan is still to lose a good chunk of weight before starting the workout :).

  • April 2 - 224.8lbs (-20lbs from my peak almost!)
  • April 3 - 224.8lbs (c'mon drop!!)
  • I totally broke diet TWO DAYS in a row during the week of April 7th.  Breaking diets is allegedly a bad thing, but I refuse to guilt myself about it.  It tasted totally fuckin' awesome, but I do want to lose weight.  So, back to ze diet!
  • April 17 - 221.4lbs (so close to <220!)