Day[9] Daily #486 - HasuObs vs ThorZaIN - Long, Dramatic PvT


In today's daily, we'll examine the freshly play TSL4 Ro32 Game 1 between HasuObs and ThorZaIN, a very long, very difficult PvT from both sides.  HasuObs gets his "ideal" maxed 200/200 army, but ThorZaIN's viking+ghost heavy seems to be able to swat all Protoss threats aside.  In a position like this, what's a player to do?  When do you expand, harass, drop, reposition?  How do you find an edge?

Fortunately, we get all these lovely answers from these two tip top amazing euro heroes :D.  This is one of my favorite games of 2012!

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Q&A With Day[9]

-What's the best way to deal with proxy pylons?

-How should Hasu respond if Thorzain took a similar mentality involving drop play?

-In TvP do you believe overmaking vikings can become deadly say if protoss just abandons colossus and goes pure templar?

-How would the terran force an engagement with those attack paths?

-When will your sex in the city scene be happening?