Iron Squid Chapter II - Group A


The Iron Squid Chapter II - Group A casted by Day[9]/Kaelaris, Pomf & Thud/MoMaN & Anoss. More information about the tournament can be found at

Groups will be played in the GSL format. The top two players of each group will advance in the final bracket.


Group A


Group B

  HerO   Seed
  aLive   Life
  Golden   Kas
  Symbol   Creator

Group C


Group D

  Taeja   MC
  Brown   J
  Scarlett   Lucifron
  MKP   PartinG

Group E


Group F

  DRG   Goswser
  GanZi   MMA
  SaSe   Genius
  Leenock   Nerchio

Group G


Group H

  Mini   Nestea
  Mvp   Delphi
  Stephano   viOlet
  MaNa   ThorZaiN

28 November - 23 December: 32 player online group stage IronSquid 2

13 - 14 January: Ro16 and Ro8

26 January: Grand Finals IronSquid 2 at the Palais de Congres, Paris