Mostly Walking Feedback Thread

Episode 1 of Mostly Walking airs tonight!!!  I'd love any and all feedback related to the show, both positive and negative.  For helpfulness purposes here's the best way to give feedback

  1. "Thing X occurred" - tells me the exact the moment in question
  2. "It made me feel Y" - tells me your precise emotional reaction at moment #1
  3. (optional) I'd love to see Z - if you want to provide a suggestion that might change #2, feel free to leave it!

Bad feedback would be simply to say, "The show needs Z."  Without #1 and #2, I have no idea why you think Z is a good idea, or what problem it would be trying to solve.

Also, this is a great thread to post requests for games you'd like to see n' whatnot!  We're starting with King's Quest VI!