MTG Mythic Invitational @ PAX East Day 3

I'm hosting the Mythic Invitational at PAX East, as well as the rest of the MTG Arena Mythic Championships in 2019!

Prize Pool

$1 million in prizes with $250,000 for first place


March 28th - 31st


  • 31 Magic Pro League Players
  • 25 Competitive Streamers
  • 8 Top MTG Arena Players


The tournament will feature double-elimination play through all days of the tournament (including Sunday) using a brand-new format called Duo Standard.

In Duo Standard, players will submit two Standard–legal decks. Players will not sideboard between games, though they may submit a sideboard (for cards such as Mastermind’s Acquisition). Players can submit two different decks, two of the same archetype with different cards in both, or the exact same deck twice.