Day[9] Daily #488 - DarkForce's Mutalisk ZvZ play


ZvZ has gone through a series of odd evolutions: originally the matchup was dominated by hatchery tech play and early allins.  However, with the range 5 queen (and players getting better), the matchup has suddenly opened up to a number of huge possibilities: mutalisks, infestors, mass roach, ling focused play are all now possible.

In this daily, we'll examine some neato play from DarkForce from TSL4 that showcases how to defend early game, how to pressure mid game with mutalisks, and how to follow up with some nice late game finishers!

Neato ZvZs all around! :D

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Q&A With Day[9]

-What is a good counter to this play?

-Do you only play limited MTG or also constructed formats on MTGO?

-With such an early lair is there anything you can/would see that would make you throw up an infestation pit instead of the spire?

-As a zerg player, i love to go mutalisk. However, it seems that whenever i get mutas, they get hard countered by my opponent. How can i determine if it is safe to get mutalisks out?

-In the context of games 1 and 2, is it possible to transition into ling infestor instead of roaches?

-Wouldn't a roach hydra composition shut down the mutalisk play in the early mid game, buying you time to go for a more traditional style with a strong mid-game army for pushing?