New content inquiry!

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By popular request, I'm gonna be doing some content switch upping!  As I said earlier this year (and totally dropped the ball on, my apologies), I'll be starting up Mostly Walking, an adventure show with me, Sean and Bill from MetaDating.  I also want to replace a show (Thursday most likely) with something slightly different, but I'm curious what YOU'D like to see.  I'm interested in showcasing/supporting indie games in general, and I'm sure many of you know I enjoy storytelling/games/music etc.

Any and all ideas are welcome!


I'm seeing some themes aside from Mostly Walking

  1. StarCraft educational for the laymen type stuff (I'll investigate flow for this)
  2. Indie game focused stuff

What about HearthStone?  I'm binging on Naxxramas right now, but I don't know how it'll change in the future (ie expansion timing)