Day[9] Daily #481 – No Colossus PvZ play by CreatorPrime


Today we'll examine an inspiring style of play from Creator in the PvZ matchup! Typically we rely heavily on the colossus, but in these games we see Creator utilizing the mobility of blink stalkers and DTs to totally CRUSH THEM OPPONENTS! :D

Daily links

Part 1 - Common theme of PvZ; Protoss ramping up colossus production around 10mins

Part 2 - Protoss favoring the mobility of blink Stalkers over Colossus

Part 3 - Variations on this play and how you don't have to follow up with the 3rd/4th base long-term play

Day[9] Q&A

- How do you think the Dimaga style of Zerg with Baneling drops would do against this style of play. The banelings allowing the zerglings to get up to that large stalker force?

- How can this build fare against heavy muta ling?

- Does it matter when the protoss takes his 3rd base or should it be as soon as possible, I always have problems when trying to taking my third?

- Do you think lots of counter attacks would work?