Papercraft Day[9]!

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Happy crafting! And Happy Monday! 

Another Monday has come, and Day[9]TV subscribers have received another gift for being awesome.

I asked my good friend Soe Gschwind-Penski to devise an awesome papercraft project for everyone, and behold! She created a papercraft Day[9]! 

If you're a subscriber (click the above link to check), you can find the design template in your email or Twitch mail. Print it out, piece it together, and show it of here! If you aren't a part of the program, feel free to share your own papercraft designs. Either way, don't be afraid to post your papercraft in interesting places or doing interesting things.

Special thanks to Soe for creating the original papercraft Day[9], you can find more of her amazing work here:

P.S.  If you are a subscriber and didn't see the email, check your email settings to make sure you have emails enabled (if not, check your Twitch messages). Also check your spam filter, sometimes email blasts get stuck there!