Day[9] Daily #529 - Polt's TvZ! Beat the "imba"


Polt surprised many a people with his solid performance against virtually every zerg he played against at IPL5!  So, we're going to take a look at what unique things he's doing and how to implement them!  His heavy use of NOT upgrades and big ground units help to make him a very effective mid game attacker.  Zerg hardly has the chance to stabilize! :D

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Isn't what Polt is doing conflict with your ideas of keeping play consistent? Looking at part three specifically. Is this only a good idea due to the metagame? Or is this kind of play alright regardless?
  • How does this push deal with an early Spire? Wouldn't that be a hard counter to it, especially if the marine count isn't high enough?
  • Is it counter intuitive that none of these Zergs got to build Infestors or is that the entire point? That all these Zergs were under so much pressure that infestors simply weren't possible to acquire in viable numbers?
  • Is this build adaptable to mech or it only works in a bio focused play?


Infestor hat