Day[9] Daily #511 - QXC using mines in HotS!


When units first pop up, people primarily think of TACTICS instead of STRATEGY!  For instance: "Maybe I can drop some mines in his worker patch to kill all his workers!~   I'm going to try to mine drop rush!"  Over time, sadly, tactics tend to be shut down by watchful, defensive players.

The real hallmark of new units is new strategies, new transitions and ways to play, new doors opened!  In this daily, we'll get to see QXC utilize mines for some unusual aggression, some cleaner transition, some nice space control, and generally large explosions :D.  I'm super excited to see tournament level terran in HotS!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • I feel like mines are going to completely shut down harass by air. Do you think there is a way to make banshees/drops/mutas work with the current build for Widow Mines?
  • Do you think that mines will start to fall out of major use as players start to adapt to them and find ways to make them relatively useless with better detection control?
  • What ways can a protoss regain mobility in mid to late game vs mines?
  • How should a protoss player react if they were say: going startgate, to seeing window mines?