Red Bull Training Grounds - Day 3


Watch the stream on the Red Bull event page.


From the Red Bull page - "Eight pro StarCraft II players will show off their elite RTS skills to the rest of the world in Red Bull Training Grounds, a series of live-streamed scrimmages and a tournament with $8,600 in prize money at stake."




Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen - Independent - EU
Samuel “Kane” Michael Morrissette - ROOTGaming - NA
Sanghwan “Sound” Bae - StarTale - KR
Dan "ViBE" Scherlong - ROOTGaming - NA
Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker - Evil Geniuses - NA
Myeonghwan “Golden” Jo - StarTale - KR
Brandon “Puck” Arlie Qual - ROOTGaming - NAKyeonghyun "SeleCT" Ryoo - Independent - NA


Time (PDT)Time (CEST)Match
2:00pm23:00Event Begins
2:15pm23:15Semi Finals Match 2
3:15pm00:15Semi Finals Match 1
4:15pm01:15Grand Finals