Some questions!

Can you give a more detailed description of how you're losing?  Something like "I try to go for a 3gate blink strategy and lose to a 6 minute 4gate" or "I built 3 sentries to defend a 4gate and he killed me with a Colossus push!"

As a starting point, go back to always opening with a 2gate 2 gas build: 13gate, 15 gas, 18core, 20gate, 21gas (some people like 19gas, 21 gate.  As long as 2nd gas and 2nd gate happens between 19-22 food!).  Use your first 3 stalkers to just scout around and make sure you are repelling a proxy pylon.  Follow ups to consider:
1) Building sentries and expanding, and then going for a robo and a 3rd gate!
2) Adding a twilight council for blink, and then robo + 2 more gates for blink obs!
3) Adding on a stargate then 3rd gate then robo for phoenix!

All of these are safe openings :D.
What league are you in by the way?  What are things you struggle with outside of PvP etc? :D