Starbow Launch Special - TvP


The fine folk who've been working on Starbow for many months have finally officially launched!  I'm going to focus on some TvP games to showcase some of the neat playstyle that exists in Starbow.  Also, given that I've followed the development and talked to the creators, I can touch on some of the nifty design aspects of the game as well :)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Q&A WIth Day[9]

  • What's your favorite addition to Starbow that's not in the current Starcraft 2?
  • What is the difference between StarBow and StarCraft 2?
  • I’m struggling on how to get into meta with builds, build orders and when scouting an opponent knowing what build he is going for
  • What do you do when you start getting bored of doing that strategy you keep doing?
  • What do you think Blizzard should learn from Starbow?