StarCraft 2 Global Finals Day 1


This year, Blizzard Entertainment held the most ambitious and wide-reaching eSports tournament in the company's history: the StarCraft II World Championship Series, a series of more than 30 epic StarCraft II events conducted around the world. We've seen grizzled veterans and top-flight amateurs climb to the top. Now, these heroes have a chance to represent their region at the World Championship -- where a truly global StarCraft II champion will be crowned.

How to Watch

Primary Stream & BWC Homepage Stream

  • Day 1 begins 6:00PM PST on Friday, November 16
  • Day 2 begins 5:30PM PST on Saturday, November 17


Group A  

 Group B

 Group C

 Group D

Illusion VortiX Sen State
Fenix ViBE KilleR BabyKnight
PartinG Comm HuK MaFia
Socke Suppy Grubby Rain


Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H

Stephano Curious Insur mOOnGLaDe
HerO TitaN LoWeLy Scarlett
IdrA MajOr Levin Nerchio
RorO herO LucifroN Creator

Broadcast Schedule (source)

  • Day 1(All times in PST)
    6:00PM - Friday - Opening Ceremony
    6:45PM - Friday - Group Play Begins
    9:45PM - Friday - 15 Minute Break
    10:00PM - Friday - Group Play Resumes
    5:00AM - Saturday - Day 1 Concludes

  • Day 2(All times in PST)
    5:30PM - Saturday - Broadcast starts with Round of 16
    8:30PM - Saturday - Quarter Final
    10:00PM - Saturday - Semi Final
    12:00AM - Sunday - Third Place Match2:00AM - Sunday - Grand Final4:00AM - Sunday - Award Ceremony4:30AM - Sunday - BWC Concludes

Check out the detailed Broadcast Schedule for a complete breakdown of the event.