Day[9] Daily #505 - Stephano vs Taeja from DreamHack


In this stupidly epic game, we're primarily going to focus on the idea of mid and late game compositions.  As units die, its important that we replenish them in the right order.  For instance, if your army dies, do you replenish marines+marauders first?  Tanks first?  Should you hold off on tanks until you have a certain amount of ground?  When do you want to be building marines instead of vikings in the late game?  When should we build thors instead of tanks?  These are the types of composition questions we'll explore in this daily!  From the Zerg side AND the Terran! :D

Here's a link to the full Replay Pack from Dreamhack!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • In the late game Stephano had thousands of minerals but wasn't maxed. Was he emphasizing small amounts of late game units rather than large amounts of mid game units, like ling and infestor?
  • Why doesn't Terran get mass raven with all that extra gas?
  • What kind of process should a zerg go through when he finds the Terran is meching?
  • As a zerg player when I'm in the late game versus Terran, I just can't actually complete my transition into broodlords. Just because the Terran player makes the units to beat my current army, forces me to build more ultras or whatever -how would I deal with this?