Stuff Sean Likes

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As you might be not surprised to find out, I do the Daily because I love StarCraft and want you wonderful people to love it too! As you also might not be surprised to know, StarCraft isn't the only thing that I like and want to share.

THUSLY, this thread is a place for us to share everything else that we like. I've included a list of some of my favorite Books, Music, Games, etc. that you've probably heard me talk about from time to time and will keep adding new things as I find them.

What do you think is awesome? Share it with everyone here! And if you think I'd like it, let me know! Include pictures, explanations, links, anecdotes, stories, videos MOAR.

The only rule is NO DISCUSSION OF STARCRAFT! This is the sacred ground for our love of all things non-SC2 related.