Day[9] Daily #495 - Swarm Host in Heart of the Swarm!



In today's daily, we'll look at some replay funtimes of top zergy buddies utilizing the brand new swarm host!  We'll look at some cool cheesy plays built around the swarm host in ZvP, as well as how the swarm host drastically changes the ZvZ matchup in the mid and late game! :D

ZvT will be done at a later daily xD.  Need enough time to be able to explore it all fully!! :D

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Do you think swarm hosts will help getting more dynamic into sc2? like in bw?
  • How would the viper fit into gameplay like that? Since their biocloud thing could stop units from really counter attacking while the swarmhost attack could that be something we see?
  • Could you use nydus at the front/in the main to help with the mobility problem? Can you load locusts in nydus worms and just have to pay for the worm to keep using defensively placed swarm hosts?