Top 5 Must Play Games by Console

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OK SO, I've always wanted to create a comprehensive list of the top 5 MUST PLAY GAMES for each console.  I have a tremendous gap in my gaming literacy because I played StarCraft for 15 years.... lol xD.  I'll be expanding this list ever so slowly based upon your feedback, so lets begin!

How Dis is Gonna Work

  1. I'll have the current console listed below
  2. Submit AT LEAST 5 suggestions per post (with 1 sentence of why for each).
  3. After a few days, I'll collect what seem to be the "most talked about games" and put up a strawpoll vote
  4. After a day or so of strawpolling, we will have a top 5!  I'll strikethrough games I've beaten (since I'm selfish and this list is for me)

Currently Voting & Strawpoll

Sega Genesis!  The console that wanted to be SNES, but never quite was.  Still had rad games though!  Strawpoll will be added in a few days

Checkout the poll HERE

Completed Lists

For the classic console that birthed many genres, in no particular order

  • Super Mario World
  • A Link to the Past (already played this, so I'm adding a 6th)
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Super Metroid
  • Final Fantasy 6/3
  • Super Mario Kart