Trial of the Xel'Naga: Red Bull LAN Seattle @ PAX - Day 1


Welcome to Trial of the Xel’Naga: Day 1. Tonight, Red Bull and Day[9]TV bring you StarCraft II eSports with a twist. YOU the spectator are granted super powers to join the game live and change the outcome!Tonight’s theme is FIRE. Which players will the fires consume and which players will be imbued with a toasty inner fire? Tonight, you decide the fates.


Trial of the Xel’Naga will consist of an 8-person single elimination 2v2 bracket. Rather than playing alone, each pro player will be joined by an amateur player chosen from the audience. Thursday and Friday, 4 players will play each night and 2 will advance. On Saturday, the advancing players will compete in the semifinals and finals matches.

Fire Map Abilities

  • Moving Minerals – Another explosion, you say? Cause fragile earth to erupt, blasting the mineral patches of every player’s main and natural expansion into the air and then hurdle to the center of the map.
  • Nuclear Catastrophe – How about a nice cup of coffee with a side of Doomsday? Unleash a chaotic inferno onto the map, plaguing the battlefield with dozens of nuclear missiles that rain down in all directions?
  • Gift of Demon – Grant the players a fiery controllable demon to reinforce their army and bolster their defenses for a short time. This demon can consume the life of any unit, attack multiple foes with each swing, and cast an enormous area-effect slow.
  • Random Nuke – Indulge your idle curiosity. Launch a nuclear blast at a random location on the map. Any structures or units that unlucky enough to be in its path are instantly decimated.
  • Hell Gates – Cause two mysterious hell gates to appear in the middle of the map, allowing hell’s most powerful demons to pour out onto the field and wreak chaos. Let the players try to escape their wrath!
  • Treasure Baneling - The gift that just keeps on giving! Summon an enormous treasure baneling to a chosen location which spews countless riches when attacked then explodes upon death.
  • Drop Nuke- Total power lies with you. Decide to drop a nuclear blast at a chosen location, saving one player from defeat or condemning another to annihilation.
  • Kill All Units – Does what it sounds like! Nothing tricky here.
  • Silence – No units can attack anything for two minutes! Quick, move your banelings to his mineral field and set up your tank lines on their own highground!

Tonight's Players

Tonight, White-Ra, Illusion, NonY, and Machine will challenge the fates![image loading]


How To Participate

To participate, visit when the event goes live! We will be posting polls periodically throughout the event. Simply follow the caster’s directions to decide the fate of the players!