Trial of the Xel'Naga: Red Bull LAN Seattle @ PAX - Day 3


This year at PAX Prime in Seattle, Red Bull and Day[9]TV bring you StarCraft II eSports like you've never seen it before: YOU get to play in the tournament along with the pros! We are granting you super powers to change the outcome of the game while it's happening!

This event will feature three different custom-themed Xel'Naga maps: Fire, Jungle, and Storm. Each map offers unique features and abilities that the audience can trigger at any time. New features will be revealed daily right up to the actual event. To view the abilities and vote on the fate of the players, visit the Red Bull site.



Map Abilities

  • Planet Cracker – The planet cracker is the ultimate weapon of war. Unleash an incredibly powerful mother ship, which patrols the map and annihilates any unit or building that is unlucky enough to stray into its path.
  • Basic Blink – Ever wish your marines or zerglings could blink? Cause storms to cloud judgment and reality alike, briefly granting all tier one units the ability the blink for a short duration.
  • Safe Zone – Nothing says storm like a good old-fashioned duck-and-cover! Launch impending maelstroms which force all units to make a split second decision: run to the safe zone or be taken by the weather.
  • Random Vortex – Shakuras' storms are as unpredictable as they are violent. Summon multiple random-location vortexes to the battlefield, sucking up any units that are caught too close.
  • Storm Catastrophe – Everything else was just warm-up: this ability shows the true power of the elements! Unleash a storm unlike any other, summoning a continuous onslaught of giant psionic storms, vortexes, and forcefields all over the map.
  • Seeker Missile Tower - Test a player's awareness and micro. Cause the harmless tower in the middle of the map to erupt into action, spawning endless seeker missiles that target, stalk, and explode upon random units throughout the map.
  • Mega Sentries - Does your favorite player need mega help? Grant mega sentries to your favorite team players! They're a chaotic unit that bolsters any army and can summon forth oversized forcefields.
  • Kill All Units – Does what it sounds like! Nothing tricky here.
  • Silence – No units can attack anything for two minutes! Quick, move your banelings to his mineral field and set up your tank lines on their own highground!


Day[9] and Husky 


7:30 - 9:00 PT: Round of 4 Match A

9:00 - 10:30 PT: Round of 4 Match B

10:30 - 12:30 PT: Grand Finals