Day[9] Daily #489 - 80% winrate TvZ from TaeJa


I'm happy to report that not all Terrans are struggling in the TvZ matchup.  TaeJa seems to have found clear techniques, as he has an 80% winrate in the matchup!  Though we'd like to be able to survey all his games, we'll stick to a small 1 or 2 that truly showcase how he's able to crush them Zergs.

Topics include aggression without risking Units, how to use mobile armies to control Zergs, and how to avoid over extension in the mid and late game!

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Q&A With Day[9]

-As a part of TaeJa's early aggression, why isn't a hellion harass a big part of it?........or did he just want to get vision with an early mass marine build?

--The ghost has been slowly taken out of standard play having been nerfed, it seems that most players now favor marauder and tank compositions to deal with infestors What's your take?

-Why didn't TaeJa use ravens to deny the creep spread?

-It's easy to see how 2rax pressure leads to many aggressive moves, but what about when he went CC first? How can you control creep in the same way?