What kind of game would YOU make?

I had such a fun time reading everyone's thoughts about changes in changes in game mechanics that I think I'll be posting more general game discussion threads every few days!

Let's start with a really simple one!  If you could make a game, what would you make?  I'll start!

When I was a kid, my mom purchased this (at the time) amazing computer generated abstract movie called "Beyond the Mind's Eye."  Ever since I saw this video clip, I've wanted to play a game like this:

The idea of racing while dodging tons of objects in 3d would be SO fun to me!

For your posts, some example things to include would be:

  • Games that your idea is similar to
  • Screen shots for comparison!
  • What would the gameplay be like
  • What would it be unique
  • How would you win!
  • What makes the interaction new and AMAZING

Etc!  Fire away awesome brainz!