Day[9] Daily #539 - White-rA PvP HotS Special!


White-Ra has been extremely active on the HotS ladder, experimenting with huge varieties of new strategies with the new units! We're going to be examining and analyzing his builds in the form of "What are these new units accomplishing? What am I spending my remaining resources on? What can the OPPONENT be doing?"

PvP is known to be a very low-base-count matchup, with blink + timing attacks ruling the early game.  Defensively, we now have the mothership core + photon overcharge to protect an early expansion.  However, with blink + mothership core, fast oracle, and increased phoenix range, the matchup has oodles more craziness!  We get tons of White-Ra vs BabyKnight games to examine! ^^;

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • With the changes to mothership core and oracle, I either swap between envision or the timewarp. Do you foresee a complete change from robo to airtoss heavy builds in late game protoss play?
  • The other guys had a ton of trouble against White-Ra's oracle harass, why not put down a cannon would that be able to repeal the oracle?


Can be found at White-Ra's website!