Day[9] Daily #537 - White-Ra PvZ HotS Special!


White-Ra has been extremely active on the HotS ladder, experimenting with huge varieties of new strategies with the new units! We're going to be examining and analyzing his builds in the form of "What are these new units accomplishing? What am I spending my remaining resources on? What can the OPPONENT be doing?" We're starting off White-Ra week by looking at his PvZ.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • How do you feel about getting up around 5 oracles fast vs zerg too contain then while you take your third and go airtoss?
  • As Protoss, since you can get units almost instantly from warpgates and there is no need to constantly build from them, would you recommend "overbuilding" gateways in the early game just to hedge your bets?
  • With the hydra upgrade I feel muta/ling will die off, because muta's really aren't useful exept to harrass and the hydra speed is going to make such a stronger "ball" (composition). What do you think?


Can be found at White-rA's website!