Shrimp Tempura!

CreatorApplesauce136 Prep Time: Shrimp: thirty seconds to two minutes per shrimp, depending on skill. Batter: five minutes. Difficulty: Easy
Serving: Depends on how many shrimp you make! Cooktime: Three minutes per shrimp, approximately.  



  • Shrimp!
  • Cooking oil
  • Eggs
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Ice



1. Pour oil into a pot and heat it to close to a boil. This takes a little while, so set it up while you do the other stuff. Watch it so that it doesn't spatter, that shit hurts!

2. Clean a bunch of shrimp. Cleaning shrimp takes some practice; sub steps below.

2a. Pull the legs out. This will get messy. By doing this you get a nice gap for when you

2b. Pry off the shell. It's common to leave the tail shell on, to give you a sort of handle to grab the shrimp.

The steps below are optional:

2c. Carefully cut along the back of the shrimp to remove the black line in the shrimp. That's shrimp poop. Nothing bad happens if you eat it, it's just gross.

2d. Carefully make horizontal cuts along the length of the shrimp; this stretches out the shrimp and makes your tempura a little tastier.

If you've never done this before, it's very possible that you'll destroy your first couple of shrimp; don't be disheartened! Fried piles of shrimp are just as tasty as tempura!

3. Prepare the batter! Beat some eggs in a bowl and add ice to it! The ice is to increase the temperature shock when you dip your shrimp in the oil. You may need a bunch of this.

4. Pour bread crumbs onto a plate.

5. For each shrimp, dip in batter, cover with bread crumbs, and dip in oil. Use chopsticks or tongs --- oil is hot! Also, I recommend sluicing off some of the excess batter with your chopsticks before rolling.

6. Remove shrimp whenever the color looks right. If you're not sure, leaving it in a little longer is better. Leave to cool and enjoy!

I highly recommend keeping a skimmer on hand and skimming out some of the loose bread crumbs and batter; if it sits in the oil, it gets all burnt and smoky and might set off your fire alarms. Also, the fried bits make a good noodle topping.

Putting in too many shrimp at once will reduce the temperature of the oil and make your shrimp not fry well --- be careful! I would do three at a time at most, and if you're not sure, doing one at a time is perfectly fine.



You deep fry shrimp and it tastes good!