Promotion problems

ive been playing starcraft2 for almost 2years now was always bronze on wol and was happy to play for just fun as random

had the hots beta and decided to really get into it as i wasnt late to the party so focused on zerg as its my strongest

got into silver im guessing due to the changed percentages 

i worked by way to being top of silver not going to lie did a little dance first time into silver and im top of the league 

here comes the problem i feel i can be promoted as silver isnt much of a challange now winning 90% of games but rather then put me against golds and see how i do

im being put against plat and diamond and im clearly going to get steamrolled so am having to stay in silver due to the losses i get think ive had 5 of those games only beat 1 plat 

is there any advice or input people have or even if they have had the same issues


Glory to day9