Bolster Dragon Warrior?


I've been working on a strange bolster warrior dragon deck. There's a lot of good dragon combos in warrior, and warrior also has good taunts (bloodhoof, fierce monkey). Twilight guardian is also a good taunt which makes them all good targets for bolster. I added the Curator (another taunt) so you can draw your dragons and monkeys, and the rest is typical dragon controlly stuff (azure dreck, blackwing corruptor, book wyrm, ysera). Anything that doesn't have taunt can be given taunt with sunfury protector or def of argus.

here's the link:;213:2;227:2;280:1;297:2;372:1;493:2;495:1;542:1;632:1;14447:1;22320:2;22333:2;22351:2;27255:2;35205:2;35209:1;42022:1;42029:1;42062:1;

I'm curious about people's opinion and how to build on this.