New Tournament Organisation

Hello, im a young man from finland and i got an idea to share with you.

I've been dreaming about a career on eSport for a long time and wrapping up some
toughts how i would start it.

So basically what i want now is to arrange a multi-game tournament and i need YOUR help.

I am working on this alone now so what i need is:

Website Designer
Caster/streamer for Dota 2 and Starcraft 2 (this is your chance to start as one)
People spreading the word and advertisement (after we get things to certain point)
People who generally want to help and have ideas.

Ofcourse i cant expect to see so much help that i might have wanted
or any known players/teams but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

What it comes to prices i dont have any yet but il get something wrapped up.

So please, If you got any skills listed above or just want generally to help, contact me:
SteamID: Cappocap (BuenoPug)