Galaxy Defender I - Mobile shooter that I made!

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Hello everyone! 

I've always wanted to get into game development so recently I decided to start developing my own game, I started with a mobile game with no true aim, I just kept on implementing features and evolving it until it became hopefully fun enough! only problem I'm having trouble getting anyone to try it other than kind family and friends, I would really appreciate it if you guys check it out and give me feedback and constructive criticism.

I guess I underestimated how hard game design is, I'm a software developer by profession and thus coding the game was the easy part, deciding what happens in game and such was the hard part for me! so any tips and hints in that area would be very appreciated :D

Here is a youtube video of the game: (I'm not so good at making videos ><)

Here is the Google Play store link:

I have also submitted the game to Apple's App Store but I'm still waiting for their approval!

Thanks a lot!