Pathfinder tabletop gamers out there!~

Hey all!

I've been working quite diligently to come up with an interesting setting for a game of Pathfinder. I didn't want to play it in that same old "Swords, dragons, green fields and dark caves" type of setting so I ended up with a concept I really wanted to explore.

It's a setting that at the moment I'm calling "Harn" as that's just the name of the major city. The world itself is just called the "world" so, I haven't really gotten that all banged out yet. Anyway, to the meat and potatoes of it. Basically the idea was that the world had been destroyed by a huge magical catastrophe, and everything was pretty much a barren wasteland of desert with a few pockets of surviving oasis. The big thing however, is the cities in the desert. The cities are like colossally huge, giant, moving tanks. Big towers of copper and brass of giant treads that act as sort of, moving bastions. Constantly searching for resources and water, held together by magitechnical engineering in a sort of steampunk-ish manner.

This setting grew into two campaigns that I'm running simultaneously. One of Tuesday, where the players are on the city of Harn. One of these giant brass beasts. The second is on Thursdays, where the players have basically be exiled to the "Jail" of the world. A ruined one of these cities in the middle of the desert called "The Brig". It's the place where all the miscreants and murders are sent. You're free to run, but it's desert for miles, and miles and miles around. So. Good luck.

Both of these sessions are coming up weekly and I'm having an awesome time trying to write and fill in content as we go. The great thing about it being a setting that I've created is that any question the players may have about the world, I can answer. Or, if I can't, then I can create an answer on the spot and immediately make it canon. It's an absolutely wonderful feeling to have people involved with something I'm sort of creatively invested in like that!

Anyway, suffice to say all this business goes on on a virtual tabletop, and I record every piece of the action (besides some annoying twitch disconnect/reconnect nonsense) and post it up on Youtube as an archive. If any of you are interested in it, please, I'd love to know what you think! Similarly if you've any questions or comments about the setting, or the world, or just about anything, let me know, and I'd love to answer them~

Here is where you can find the archived footage from previous sessions.

Here is where I do it all live~