FridayNightFun: 14th June

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[Picture will be added ASAP - Just wanted to post this first! :D]

Alright I have to say I'm kind of torn in what to do this week - As the CIv 5 Idea was really good and we all seem to have it...So I'll leave up to you :P Now.. Onto the actual post! :DD

The time has been changed to 6:00pm (BST) or 7:00pm (BST) - Will add further information nearer the time!  :DD

   Hello Everyone, as you may or may not know my name is Josh, otherwise known as Dizzy, and have been hosting (When I don't fail hard...) the FridayNightFun for a good 5 weeks or so now, where we do anything and everything fun in Starcraft 2: HoTS! :DD
However due to a fantastic suggestion by Dean am torn on what to do, so I hope we'll just do both. The suggestion was to play Civilization V: Gods & Kings as those who turned up previous had it (If you do not have it I believe it is on sale on Steam for £5:00 [Well Worth the Money!] for another 30 Hours) and I have a feeling it would be awesome.

So to summarize: Monobattles, FFAs, Raynor Party, Star Strikers, Civ 5, LoL/DOTA 2 etc.... May all be played (WIll be decided on the day)

If you are interested message me on SC2 @ Dizzy, 309 or leave a message here, You can also message me on skype @ joshua.dysiewicz if you have it! Also be sure to join the FridayNightFun group on SC2.
It will start at 6:00pm (BST) or 7:00pm (BST) and will be on the Europe Server.

I hope to see you all there! :DD