FridayNightFun: 19 July!

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Hello everyone!As you may or may not know My name is Dizzy, and I would like to invite all of you to join us playing Arcade games and custom games on Friday the 19th July!

Everyone is welcome (Skype is preferable) and we are usually on the EU server at around 7:00pm (BST).

If any of you wish to join, please leave a message here, skype me at "joshua.dysiewicz" (Without quotes) or message me in game @ Dizzy, 309 on the EU server (Or Dizzy, 321 on the Americas server if I am not on EU) [Also be sure to join the FridayNightFun chat!].

As I said everyone is welcome, and below I have left a replay I urge you all to check out, just to give you a taster of the sort of things we will encounter (Even better if you have skype - Seriously we laughed for about 10 minutes!).Let's just say this: Watch from 17:00 and at 18:00 Zergburner said "I think I can win this if he has bad micro"

Cheers - Hope to see you there!


P.s - Sorry Saske -If you see this - But this was just too funny :)