FridayNightFun: 21st June

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(No drawing on here - I have drawn it - But when I post the picture in the post it messes up all the words and covers up the text for some reason. I'll try to fix it eventually! :P)
Hello to all the new faces, welcome back to all the old!
As you may or may not know on Friday I host the FridayNightFun event where which by we do anything and everything fun in SC2; Such as Monobattles, FFAs, Arcade Games etc... :D
This will be held at an Earlier time on 7:00pm (BST) on the EU Server!

If you have any queries please feel free to ask me @ Dizzy, 309 on SC2 or on Skype @ joshua.dysiewicz.Also be sure to join our group on SC2 - FridayNightFun. :DD
Hope to see you all there! :DD